Percy Wiseman


Bloom Color:  Pink and White

Bloom Season:   Mid-Season

Plant Height(potential in 10 years): Three Feet

Hardy to: -5

Rhododendron of the Year:  2004 North West

Flower cream, growing darker towards base, very lightly flushed pale purplish pink, and spotted moderate orange on the dorsal lobe.  Ages to creamy white with yellow throat.  Ball-shaped truss holds about 14 flowers.  Blooms midseason.  Leaves elliptic, acute at apex, cuneate at base, 3″ long, glossy, medium green.  Compact, well branched plant with dark green foliage.  Typical height: 3 ft. in 10 years.  Flower bud hardy to -5° F (-21° C).  Hybridized by A. Waterer.



Pricing Information:

4” to 8” wide – $25.99        8” to 12” wide – $35.99          12” to 15” wide – $49.99

15” to 21” wide – $59.99      21” to 24” wide – $79.99      24” to 30” wide –  $119.99

30” to 36” wide – $169.99      36” to 42” wide –  $229.99

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Size Information:

No matter which size plant you start with, the mature plant height will be the same.  Plants that grow to taller heights will also be taller as younger plants.  Measurement is from leaf tip to leave tip.

4” to 8” Wide – Typically a plant in its first year in a one-gallon container.

8” to 12” Wide – Typically a plant in its second year in a one-gallon container or first year in a two gallon.

12” to 15” Wide – Typically a plant in its second year in a two gallon or first year in a three gallon.

15” to 21” Wide – Typically a plant in its second year in a three gallon or first year in a five gallon or field grown.

21” to 24” Wide – Typically a second year plant in a five gallon or first year in a six or seven-gallon container.  Also could be field grown.

24” to 48” Mature Plants – Typically field dug to order or planted in a #10 container.

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