Shipping and Warranty Information

The shipping of your Rhododendrons is critical in the success of their survival once they reach you!  For rhododendrons that are in containers, we remove them from their containers prior to shipping.  We also remove excess soils from the root ball to cut down on weight during shipping.  We protect this root ball and depending on the time of year your plants are shipped, we add moisture.  Your plants are then packed tightly in boxes to prevent movement and vibration during shipping.

Plant Warranty

We warranty that your plants are in good health prior to shipment and upon receipt. It is common for plants that have been packed in boxes and have travel several days to not look at their potential right out of the box.  If, after two days out of the box and with watering twice a day for at least five minutes at the base of the root ball your plant does not revive, please contact us immediately by email.  Please attach pictures so that we may address any visual concerns.  On a very rare occasion(less than one out of 5,000 plants), plants can be damaged during preparation and/or shipping. If a plant is damaged or is in some way identified as not healthy upon arrival, it is our discretion to either replace the plant with a like plant or issue a refund.

All of our plants have grown up from a size of just a couple inches tall.  We have taken care of them and have grown them for years to the size you have received under our care.  Once you receive your plant, we transfer this responsibility of care over to you.  We encourage you to ask questions and to use your resources in providing care for your plants in your yard.  The American Rhododendron Society is a great resource for plant care.  Here is a link to their web site.

It is our goal to have you as our customer for years to come.  We carefully inspect all plants prior to shipment.  If an ordered plant does not meet our standards, we will not ship it.  We encourage you to do your homework prior to ordering.  Some of the questions to answer prior to ordering and planting any plant can include the following:

  1. Is the plant suitable for the location in which I want to plant it?  In the most general of terms, Rhododendron cannot tolerate a full day of sun.  If you want to plant in a full sun area, contact us for recommendations.
  2. Will my soil be suitable for the plant I am purchasing? Drainage is so important for rhododendrons.  If you have heavy soil, plant your rhododendrons on a mound that will allow for water to drain through the soil. Rhododendrons are acid loving plants and we can recommend soil preparation.
  3. Is the plant I am buying hardy to handle my cold temperature? Every plant is listed with a rating for the lowest possible temperature.  Again, there are tricks used to keep plants warmer during the winter, so please ask if you are considering purchasing a plant with a hardiness level that is not rated to your growing area.
  4. Ask questions before you buy. There is no such thing as a silly question.  We are more than happy to guide you through your purchase.  Your success with your plants is also our success!