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A Community of Rhododendron Lovers

I wanted to share with you two sections of the web site that are generated by the dedicated rhododendron community of the American Rhododendron Society.  First of all, The American Rhododendron Society(ARS) is group of dedicated plants owners formed into regional chapters throughout the country.  The people that make up the chapters are the true “boots on the ground” people who love and grow rhododendrons.  They have years of experience with planting and growing rhododendrons in their distinct regions.  The members of these chapters are a valuable resource for growing rhododendrons in their region.  There are two sections of the web site that were created based on their recommendations.
Suggested Rhododendrons by Region of the United States is a section that links what the members of specific regions consider good performers.  These are plants that the members of the local chapters have found to do well in their area year after year.  These are not the only plants that will grow in these regions, but are the plants that come highly recommended by the members. It is worth the time to browse these and neighboring sections to see if there are any that catch your eye.
The section Award Winning Rhododendrons is a list of rhododendrons that have received the Title of Rhododendron of the year by one or more of the growing regions of the ARS.  If your region has awarded a plant Rhododendron of the Year, it will have excellent foliage and flowers, have an attractive plant habit, be pest and disease resistant and be cold hardy for the region.
The American Rhododendron Society is an excellent resource for everything Rhododendron.  The members of the local chapters are some of the best people you can know.  If you have any knowledge to share or would enjoy spending time with plant loving people, I would encourage you to contact your local chapter and attend a meeting when the time is right!