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Why We Sell Plants by Plant Width

We are a nursery that grows only rhododendrons.  We are different than your retail nursery down the street or the big box store in that we grow the product that we sell.  When you go to a retail nursery, all the plants on display were grown for that season only.  Our plants are grown and for sale from the second year onto almost fully grown plants.  Because we take care of this plant over what could be ten years or more, we have to transplant them into larger pots as they grow.  Rhododendrons tend to get a container shift from us about once every three years.  So at any given time, about 1/3 of our plants look like the plants you would see at a retail nursery where the top of the plant matches the container they are planted in.  Because we do not progressively move our pot size up every year, we sell our plants by width of the foliage and then give you the typical container size that you would find at a retail nursery of that size.  For example, a plant that we sell as an 8” to 12” plant would typically be sold at a retail nursery in a two-gallon container.  Our 8” to 12” wide plant could be in either a one, two or three-gallon size nursery container at our nursery. 

Please send us a message if you have any questions about sizing.  You may also what to look at understanding nursery container sizes.  A one-gallon nursery container does not even come close to holding one fluid gallon.  Learn More Here.