Rhododendron ‘Ramapo’


Bloom Color:  Purple

Bloom Season: Early Mid-Season

Plant Height(potential in 10 years): Two Feet

Hardy to: -25

Rhododendron of the Year:  2005 North West

Flower pinkish violet, held in small clusters.  Very floriferous plant.  Blooms early midseason.  Leaves bluish-green, elliptic, very aromatic.  Dense and very compact habit.  Grows well in sun or partial shade, being more compact in sun.  Reaches a typical height of 2 ft. in 10 years.  Plant is cold hardy to -25°F (-32°C).  Hybridized by Nearing.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Size(Plants sold by Foliage Width)

8” to 12” wide(#2 container), 12” to 15” wide(#3 container), 15” to 21” wide(typically #5 container or field grown), 21” to 24” wide (typically #5, #7 container or field grown), Mature Plant, Foliage Spread 24”to 30”, Mature Plant, Foliage Spread 30” to 36”, Mature Plant, Foliage Spread 36” to 42”, Mature Plant, Foliage Spread 42” to 48”, Mature Plant, Foliage Spread 48” to 54”


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