Blueberry ‘Patriot’


The Patriot is a perennial vigorous upright northern highbush that’s open spreading, resistant to some forms of soil fungus (such as root rot), and cold hardy. It’s known for its small size, spreading growth, and beautiful foliage that changes colors in the fall and produces beautiful snowy bell-shaped blossoms starting around May. Patriot bushes produce very large-sized, soft berries that are light blue when fully ripened and are flavorful and sweet. To give you a better idea of their potential size, Patriot blueberries can grow as big as a quarter!

4″-8″ (Typically #1 Container)

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Early-season harvest of large, aromatic, tasty fruit.
Patriot is a superb variety for both container and landscape use. Low 3-5 feet bushes have attractive open, spreading habit with fiery red to orange foliage in the fall. Its cold-hardy and widely adaptable.

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4”-8” wide (Typically #1 container)