Azalea ‘ Hino Crimson’ #3


The Azalea Hino Crimson red plant has beautiful shiny green leaves, but you’ll barely be able to see them due to the fiery red flowers that cover the entire shrub. The crimson red flowers will first appear in mid-spring and will flower until summer. The foliage will stay green throughout summer and turn shades of bronze and red in fall, staying interesting almost all year long.

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The Hino Crimson Azalea thrives in hardiness zones 5-9. It will need protection from frost in spring to protect the flowers. The plant grows to be 2-3 feet tall and 3-5 feet wide. It’s a low-lying plant that works well when planted in front of taller plants. It makes a great container plant since it stays compact and can be pruned if it starts to grow too big for the container.

This is grown in a #3 container. The container is removed for safe shipping of your plant.