Cherry Cheesecake

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Bloom Color:  Pink and White

Bloom Season:  Mid-Season

Plant Height(potential in 10 years): Five Feet

Hardy to: 0 F



Pricing Information:

2” to 4” wide     $15.99                 4” to 8” wide     $23.99                   8” to 12” wide   $33.99

12” to 15” wide $45.99                   15” to 21” wide $55.99                   21” to 24” wide $69.99

24” to 30” wide $109.99                   30” to 36” wide $149.99                 36” to 42” wide $199.99

42” to 48” wide $239.99


Size Information:

2” to 4” Wide – Typically a cutting rooted into a 3” or 4” square container.  Can be 4” to 6” tall.

4” to 8” Wide – Typically a plant in its first year in a one-gallon container.

8” to 12” Wide – Typically a plant in its second year in a one-gallon container or first year in a two gallon.

12” to 15” Wide – Typically a plant in its second year in a two gallon or first year in a three gallon.

15” to 21” Wide – Typically a plant in its second year in a three gallon or first year in a five gallon or field grown

21” to 24” Wide – Typically a second year plant in a five gallon or first year in a six or seven-gallon container.  Also could be field grown.

24” to 48” Mature Plants – Typically field dug to order or planted in a #10 container.

Additional information

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1 review for Cherry Cheesecake

  1. Walt (verified owner)

    I ordered two of these plants in the 12″-15″ range -they came packed together in a single box, the root balls were wrapped in a plastic with a zip-tie around the trunk. Overall I was impressed with how well the plants arrived, here in VA. I planted them a couple days later and noticed that the roots were primarily in a loamy, peat-mossy type soil and that they had gotten a bit dry. After planting, we’ve been hit with monsoon like rains, over the last few days. The plants seem to be doing great -bright green new growth was a bit shriveled when I planted them, and seems to be filling out more now. Both plants never seemed to go through and distress -not sure if that’s the plant of my gardening skills, but I’m already wishing for next spring to see what the blooms will look like.

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