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Reserve Your Plants for the Spring and still have Money for Presents under the Tree!

Don’t miss out on the best selection of plants we have now in the fall!  The plants listed are for sale to landscapers and retail nurseries across the country.  These businesses place their orders for the Fall for the Spring.  I want you to have the best selection possible, so now is the time to place your orders without having to spend your entire planting fund(or Christmas fund!).  Just place of deposit of 25% of the cost of the plants, plus shipping.  I will hold onto these plants for you until the Spring, billing you for the remaining balance in January, February and March. We will ship in the middle of April unless you let us know that you would like them at a different time.  It’s easy to do!  Follow these steps:

  1. Select the plants you want from the web site.
  2. Use Coupon Code “springblooms2016”
  3. The coupon will take 75% off the price of the plants. The remaining 25% and shipping will act as a deposit
  4. I will send you a bill via PayPal in January, February and March, requesting 25% of the total.
  5. I will ship your order around the middle of April or at your request.

If you change your mind along the way, all that you have paid will be completely refundable.  If you want to pay entirely at one time, that works too!  I also want you to know that we ship year round in case you want to get a few things in before winter.  There may be a week here or there that we will have a delay, but if your weather is suitable to receive a shipment, we will ship.Oudijk's Sensation3

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